The first dancing symphony orchestra in the world CONCORD ORCHESTRA presents a new show «Symphonic ROCK HITS» Wings of Gryphon.

The biggest hits of Linkin Park, Queen, Scorpions, Metallica, Nirvana, Rammstein, Muse and many others cult rock bands performed by CONCORD ORCHESTRA.

What makes the show “Symphonic ROCK HITS” Wings of Gryphon so unique and memorable?

“Symphonic ROCK HITS” Wings of Gryphon is more than a concert. It is an exciting show where the orchestral music is accompanied by dynamic light effects with many unexpected surprises and theatrical elements to impress you.

The musicians and the conductor are constantly moving on stage and create an electrifying rock atmosphere. To do this, they perform music by heart. The spectacular dance performance is directed by professional choreographers.

The conductor of CONCORD ORCHESTRA Fabio Pirola tells about the show:

“Gryphon is an ancient mythological creature, which symbolises wisdom, perfection and strength. A legend says that the one who manages to touch its wings will be able to fulfil all his wishes. When a person realises his mission – he finds happiness, joy and strength and always seeks how to improve what he makes with love and respect to others. I believe that an artist on stage should be like a gryphon and make people at the end of the show feel happier. Then the artist has fulfilled his mission.”

Experience the energy and unbelievable emotions from the breathtaking combination of rock and symphonic music performed like never before. Your perception of the symphony orchestra will be changed forever.

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