Show “Symphonic ROCK HITS” Lord of Darkness

The first dancing symphony orchestra in the world «CONCORD ORCHESTRA» presents a new show «Symphonic ROCK HITS» Lord of Darkness.

Have you ever heard rock hits performed by symphony orchestra? It’s insane!

You can experience the energy of rock and unbelievable emotions from legendary music performed by “CONCORD ORCHESTRA”. The conductor and artistic director – Fabio PIROLA (Italy).

What ROCK HITS will sound in the new show?

You will hear the top hits of such cult bands as Metallica, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Scorpions, Queen and many others. Original orchestral arrangements of the rock hits will impress you with their new incredible sound.

What makes the new show “Symphonic ROCK HITS” Lord of Darkness so magical and exciting?

In the new show, the conductor of the orchestra Fabio PIROLA appears before us as the Lord of Darkness, and the orchestra will become his loyal knights. You will see an epic battle between the forces of Good and Evil. The Lord of Darkness must prevent the birth of evil and return the music to spectators.

Why is the new show so vivid that the spectators is really excited?

The musicians dance with their instruments creating a story around every rock song.
Spectacular dance performance is directed by professional choreographers.
All compositions are played by heart without any music stands on stage.
A video installation with unique photos of the famous rock bands is shown on the big screen.
A stunning light show adds up to the electrifying atmosphere of a rock concert.
The stylish costumes are made by a group of the designers from Saint Petersburg and are part of the CONCORD ORCHESTRA brand.

What makes the show “Symphonic ROCK HITS” Lord of Darkness unique and memorable?

“Symphonic ROCK HITS” Lord of Darkness is more than a concert. It is an exciting show where the orchestral music is accompanied by dynamic light effects, and both the musicians and the conductor are constantly moving on stage. Throughout the show there are many unexpected surprises and theatrical elements, which will impress you. The astonishing combination of rock and symphonic music performed like never before – your perception of the symphony orchestra will be changed forever.

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