CONCORD ORCHESTRA is the first dancing symphony orchestra in the world. Created by professional musicians from Russia and Europe it is a unique project that combines music and dance in one electrifying performance.

In 2016,  Fabio Pirola, an Italian who has always dreamt to work in Russia, became artistic director and chief conductor of CONCORD ORCHESTRA. He was born in one of the most famous musical dynasties in Milan. Fabio brilliantly graduated from the Gaetano Donizetti State Conservatory in Bergamo (Italy), the Claudio Abbado International Music Academy in Milan (Italy) and Juilliard in New York (USA). Fabio Pirola fills the concerts with Italian temperament and passion that excite the audience. As he once said, “The musicians of CONCORD ORCHESTRA are always excited when the audience start singing along familiar melodies. This is the reaction we wish to receive from them.”

CONCORD ORCHESTRA is not afraid to experiment and quickly moves towards its success. The choice of repertoire and preparation of the arrangement for symphony orchestra took almost a year. It was also hard task to find the right performers. They had to be not only professional musicians, but also be able to dance on the stage, playing music by heart, and, above all, be willing to experiment, innovate and maintain a crazy tour schedule.

Since then, CONCORD ORCHESTRA had produced three original programs: SYMPHONIC ROCK HITS, SNOW-WHITE BALL by Johann STRAUSS, and TANGO of PASSION by Astor PIAZZOLLA.

Over 450 concerts have been given in the cult musical venues in Russia, including 15 concerts at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow and 3 sold-out shows at the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg for 11 000 people!

CONCORD ORCHESTRA also collaborates with music stars from around the world, among them Francis Goya, Riccardo Folie, Ken Hensley and Michel Legrand.


The repertoire of CONCORD ORCHESTRA counts over 60 great rock hits by the legendary bands: Metallica, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Scorpions, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Queen, Bon Jovi, Muse, AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses…

“Symphonic ROCK HITS” is more than a concert. It is an exciting show where the orchestral music is accompanied by dynamic lights effects with many unexpected surprises and theatrical elements to wow the audience. The musicians and the conductor are constantly moving around the stage and create an exciting rock atmosphere.

In 2016, CONCORD ORCHESTRA was on tour in 34 cities across Russia and performed for over 40 000 people. The sequel of the show “Symphonic ROCK HITS 2” was seen in 43 cities in 2017. In 2018,  from October to December, CONCORD ORCHESTRA  toured already  in 55 cities with “Symphonic ROCK HITS. Wings of Gryphon”. read more…


Our annual tradition show is dedicated to LOVE and PASSION. And how could it be otherwise, because we play TANGO?

With the bandoneon giving its distinctive sound, CONCORD ORCHESTRA and the world stars of tango create magic on stage. The director of the show Silvio GRAND, a well-known dancer and choreographer (Argentina), has produced a dynamic, sensual spectacle with the best dancing couples. Magnificent music played by symphonic orchestra and dancing filled with emotions will take your breath away. The winners of Tango Dance World Championship and the runner-ups of Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango (category Tango Escenario, Argentina) take part in the show. Their dance is accompanied by the “Golden voice of tango” Cesar Camargo and Martin Alvarado who is considered to be Argentina’s finest living tango singer.

Among the legendary compositions by Astor Piazzolla played in the show are “Oblivion”, “Adios Nonino”, “Libertango”, fragments from “Four Seasons in Buenos Aires”, and many others. Traditionally we perform “Astor PIAZZOLLA’s TANGO of PASSION” every February in order to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Join us for a truly unforgettable experience! read more…


Classical music is our first love. And each December we continue a tradition to hold a carnival ball. An unforgettable event where we play the famous waltzes by Johann Strauss in the company of the best opera singers and gorgeous dancing couples. The dress code for this elegant ball is white. We encourage everyone to be dressed in white, while the venue and the stage are also decorated with thousands of white flowers.

This program includes the most well-known and beloved compositions of Johann Strauss – waltzes “An der schönen blauen Donau”, “Künstlerleben”, “Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald”, “Wiener Blut”, “Kaiser-walzer”, polkas “Unter Donner und Blitz”, “Auf der Jagd”, “Bluette Polka-franꞔaise”, and many others. The famous “Radetzky March” closes the program of the concert. During its performance the audience traditionally clap their hands, as the conductor Fabio PIROLA faces the spectators and conducts the clapping.

Our snow-white ball has become a beautiful tradition to celebrate the New Year and Christmas Holidays. We are inviting you to dive into the cordial reveries of waltz and spend a magical evening with us! read more…


Our other passion is collaboration with the legendary musicians. We have performed with Nani Bregvadze, Riccardo Fogli, Francis Goya. In March 2018, we performed a number of concerts with the a three times Academy Award-winning French composer – Michel Legrand. In April we played the only Russian concert with legendary Uriah Heep frontman Ken Hensley.

« Symphonic Rock Hits » The Lord Of Darkness Tour

We are happy to announce that « Symphonic Rock Hits » The Lord Of Darkness Tour will take place in 6 countries in over 100 cities of Russia, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Belarus!

The tour will kick off September 25, 2019 and end in December with big concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin. CONCORD ORCHESTRA, the world first dancing symphony orchestra will perform some of the greatest rock hits, loved by millions of fans around the world.

See you at our shows!


In anticipation of our big autumn tour, CONCORD ORCHESTRA and the entire team are very excited to announce the release of a new video clip « The Lord of Darkness ».
We have created a stunning full-size video in the style of “Game of Thrones”, involving 150 participants – horses, knights, artists, stuntmen, and musicians!
Our conductor Fabio PIROLA is portraying the Lord of Darkness, while the musicians act as his faithful knights. The epic video adaptation of the battle between the forces of Good and Evil is essentially the prequel of the upcoming show. It demonstrates how violence and betrayal create the path of evil.
View the video HERE!!


Many songs associated with his songs are memories of youth – from camping trips to graduation parties. Ken Hensley is a 70s rock legend, known to fans primarily as a member of the cult band Uriah Heep. The king of melodic rock came to St. Petersburg to perform his golden hits accompanied by the CONCORD ORCHESTRA symphony orchestra. View video


We are going again on a tour with our show “Symphonic ROCK HITS” Wings of Gryphon”. This time – 21 cities! We are bringing the best rock hits, amazing costumes, fantastic choreography, video and special effects, lots of light and sound – it is not just a concert, it’s a real rock show! You wil hear the covers of the biggest hits by Linkin Park, Queen, Scorpions, Metallica, System of a down, Rammstein and many others performed by the first dancing symphony orchestra!
Get your tickets HERE!

Tour in Germany 2019!

We are excited to announce our first concert tour in Germany in 2019! More information and tickets are available at

7.12.2019 – Leverkusen, Forum
8.12.2019 – Koblenz, Rhein Mosel Halle
10.12.2019 – Fürth, Stadthalle
11.12.2019 – Augsburg, Kongressssaal
13.12.2019 – Bremen, Die Glocke
14.12.2019 – Berlin, Russisches Haus
15.15.2019 – Hamburg, FEH

Premiere of a video ”Wings of Gryphon”

See first our mystical video “Wings of Gryphon”, the cover of Rammstein’s Sonne at our youtube channel here
Gryphon is an ancient mythological creature, which symbolises wisdom, perfection and strength. A legend says that the one who manages to touch its wings will be able to fulfil all his wishes. When a person realises his mission – he finds happiness, joy and strength and always seeks how to improve what he makes with love and respect to others.

New show “Wings of Gryphon”!

We are on tour in 55 cities and towns in Russia! Bringing a totally new program, new costumes and choreography, more light, sound and special effects!You will hear the greatest songs by Metallica, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Scorpions, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Queen, Dire Straits, and Guns N’ Roses! Looking forward to see you all at our concerts!

Hurray! We go on a big tour soon!

From October 25 to December 6 residents of 43 cities of Russia will become spectators of our new show Symphonic rock hits. Stunning light, unique video installations, costumes, choreography and, of course, favorite rock tunes performed by our orchestra under the control of the magnificent Fabio Pirola! This time Concord Orchestra will perform new compositions of such coryphaeuses of the genre as Rammstein, Metallica, Linkin Park, The Beatles, Led Zeppellin, Scorpions, Status Quo, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Bon Lovi, Muse, AC / DC, The Queen. We are happy to announce that now you may buy tickets charge free to all our concerts without leaving your house, right at our website

Wohoo! The release of two CDs!

We have recorded two more CDs with the covers of the greatest rock songs.

Two our first studio albums have released!

Now you can buy them at our concerts. The discs were recorded during autumn-winter sessions after our big Russian tour to 34 cities. The set lists are based on our first Symphonic Rock Hits program and includes our covers of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Queen, Nirvana, Guns’N’Roses, Depeche Mode, Kiss, AC/DC hits.